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Exclusive Node

Access Pack

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a real stake in the Starvara universe by owning a Node Token! Not only will ownership of this prestigious asset give you a say in Starvara’s open-world future, but also the opportunity to earn an income from it! Get involved today and enjoy immediate real-world benefits as you explore, trade and brawl your way across the galaxy!

Like with all Web 3.0 gaming environments, Starvara does not represent, warrant or guarantee any participant with success, income or earnings whether explicit or implied.

Any success, income, or earnings is strictly dependent on the participant’s individual skills. All Ts & Cs apply.

Once off price

$3 000

Early Access Node Pack

Starvara Node

100 VARA Tokens

250 SVP Points

Solar System Pack

Buy, Stake and Earn

Limited Offer